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  1. He does own a Lexus. Who knows what forms of income he has. He got his money some how, let him ball out. Probably worked for it and saved. Why can't people have nice things they like when they can afford it?

  2. Bro do you know how to unshine patent leather? I have a pair of 2009 bapes my neighbor gifted me and I don't really like the color way and how it's shiny , because I wanna customize them matte but idk what too do on ease help!!

  3. sees the price
    cool watch for sure and i know that things like that can get really pricey but for 1000 is a bit too much for me id rather get a new computer but lucky man,really sick watch but the price turn me sick too
    peace yall

  4. if y'all really looking for good price watches just hit up tjmaxx I'm not kidding they have good ass deals and they brand new they got mk armani bulova movado citizen and all that for the low people sleep on that store a lot but in my opinion its good and you can get some steals.I only fuck with them for there watches and cologne tbh.but they do have alot of other shit.


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