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  1. Thats weird… I've heard so many bad things about the quality on the laser 1s- that the toe box was thin, the leather was hard and too coated, and I just got my baron 1s as a gift a few days ago, and I love them. Interesting how opinions vary between people. If you want highest quality shoe I have ever owned, you have to go lance mountain. without a doubt the nicest shoe

  2. Thumbs up on the vid. Quality on most Jordan 1 Highs are mehhhhh. Only ones that pass for okay are the OG colorways like Black/Red, Royals, Shadows, Blacktoes and we all know how much they go for. Best quality I've seen though is on the Gym Red highs that on dropped in Europe and Asia, super buttery leather and suede.

  3. quick question. my bc3s has a hole near the bottom of the elephant print. like a straight line thats about a few centimeters. is there anyway i can fix this?

  4. Nice video man, I copped a pair of Baron's off the restock too, however, I swapped out the laces for a pair of solid black ones. 

      The leather on the new remastered 1's is really nice, I have a pair of Frags and they are just like the lasers in terms of quality. Try and cop the Chicago 1's next weekend, they will have the same leather.

      Be glad you didn't cop a pair of 2013 AJ 1's, the quality on those is garbage. Also, the black and white 1's has really nice leather as well. Take care!


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