Unboxing #18!


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Here’s a quick unboxing video! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for all the love and support as always!

Music: Meat Cleaver (Instrumental) – Brotha Lynch Hung


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  1. Hey sneakerheadinthebay, quick question. Are the channel features still going on? I sent mine in but got no response. Please respond. Thanks! Keep up the awesome vids!

  2. Sneaker head can u hit me up with some gloss bro my mom is tripping and she wont buy it for me cuz im going to do my first video on my LeBron 10's low and i just need gloss to finish it plz bro it a big favor just reply bro plz it will be my first video

  3. Hey man I have some black
    Cement 3s that I've worn about 4 or 5 times in great condition, but the white midsole is cracking, I want to fix it with angelus but should I paint the cracking area only it paint the whole midsole

  4. Hey i just got my first pair of retros . Retro 10 bulls over broadway and i dont know how to clean them . And i scuffed one of the shoe so when i put water on the scuff mark it turns dark grey , then drys over time . Please help sneaker head in the bay

  5. Hey can you use on of my brothers mixtapes on your next video if you go into datpiff and type in JON CORLEONE and then his music will pop up and you listen to it and see what you want to use and also you have to download the app datpiff on your phone and can you please use Atleast just one of his songs

  6. hey bro. i got a question. hope you can help. so im copping the new low bred concords May 23. but i hear that they have red liners in and out of the top sneaker. i want to change it to black. what is the best way and best products to use to change the red to black colour?

  7. Hey bro can you give me some advice on cleaning my nike air huaraches? The white part on the toebox is what I'm trying to whiten up! The shoes are the "Blue Heroes". Thanks a lot!!

  8. this happened to me i ordered bape and didnt move for 3 months and i thought was scam, then 2 months later it moved and is in NY then 1 month later is in NJ i thought i was scammed cause how does it take a sweatshirt 1 month to go about 10 miles.


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