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Sneaker Unboxing #16


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Here’s a quick video unboxing video!I should really be saving my money, but I can’t! LOL I hope you enjoy this video! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for all the love and support as always!

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  1. I keep finding steals on eBay. A week and a half ago, I bought a pair of Black cement 3s for $140. Also on thursday, I bought a pair of Infrared 6s 2000 near dead stock for $300. Resellers pricing their infrared 6s for $350-400! Man! I'm Way better off buying a pair for $300 with the Nike air in the back.

  2. Nice cop but you gotta lose those ugly ass laces lol.
    And you don't have a copping addiction bro lol. One time I'm came across a deal that was so good I couldn't wait so I copped and overdrew my bank account but I didn't care cause even with the $30 overdraft fee it was still a steal haha I had two deposit some cash to get my account out of the red. I was afraid they'd sell before I could deposit the money Lmao I had a problem hahaha.

  3. I wanted to know is I did a good purchase.. I bought a pair of 2010 copper foamposites in a size 9.5.. There 8.5 outta 10 .. They are that condition because there is some yellowing and no og box.. There is no creases no scuffs there in great condition .. This is my first pair of foams .. And I payed $120.. I don't know if I did good or not .. Thanks if anyone helps me out

  4. What site do you casually bye your shoes from? Like Js, SBs, Lebrons, KDS etc, I don't trust ebay anymore after 3 shipping mishaps in a row… Also somewhere were they don't have huge ass prices where evryshoe is overpriced like Flight Club.  

  5. I feel the same way man. Hella ebay steals! Especially with the Nike SB's. That's why i take advantage and get the older SB's than newer J's. Plus older SB's don't deteriorate as bad as them older J's.


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