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Sneaker Unboxing #15


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Here’s a quick video unboxing video! I hope you enjoy this video! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for all the love and support as always!

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  1. Bro super dope and I just Wanda say acics are real dope and so are you hommie I love cleaning shoes and I got it all from you lol keep up the dope vids and I am always stoked to see another vid but your my insparation

  2. Doesnt really deal with the vid but im thinking about gettin some replica j11….my question is,,lets say im walking in the mall and someone looks at my shoes…would they tell right away that there reps…ive never own reps but i just want to save a little money….thankyou in advanced 

  3. My military blue 4s are pretty creased and I'm wondering how to remove the ankle creases without melting or damaging the plastic heel tab? Would really like to know

  4. Dope pickups Alex! Your just like me, I cant rock boots for poopadoop! lmao. I usually go an alternative with AF1. Gunna have to definitely cop some gl3 in the future.. You da best bro! Thanks to you, I had the balls to go out and successfully make some vids!

  5. Sup man!! I really enjoy your videos and im here to say keep up the work. But I had a question too…. im thinking about coping some asics and they are from the bandanna series and I was just wondering if they are true to size I wear a size 10 in air maxes and free runs.

  6. Love Asics especially the GL3 such a dope looking shoe and comfortable too also wanna get these pairs but the link sends me to wrong thing Sn dunks in eBay any ideas why bro

    P.s love the vids keep it up!


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