Ebay Unboxing #4


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Here’s a quick Ebay unboxing for y’all. These items I picked up are definitely interesting, and are a dope feature to add to any room! Let me know what y’all think in the comments! Thanks for all the love and support as always.

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  1. The Jordan wasn't super dope to me but the sb and De La Soul ones are straight fire. Do you know if he does them in bigger sizes though? And great vid man

  2. Aye fam nice videos keep it up! I have 2 things to ask though….
    Can you make a review on you Adidas Flux "Ocean"? I'm thinking about getting some and i want to see a review on them before buying them and i trust the reviews from you more…
    Second, Why do you say "Whats up my Grasshoppers" at the beginning of every video? Lmao like i dont have a problem with it but i see on the comments people saying "Grasshopper Squad" and im just soo lost LOL… Well anyways if it doesnt bother you too much can you make that review???

  3. Just a heads up +SneakerHeadInTheBay this seller "steals" graphic artists work and just prints them without watermarks without crediting the artist they have for sell a few artists i consider friends work. Jay Marquez and im pretty sure Hazzy Boom made that tiffany dunk print

  4. Hey bro dope video! I clicked on the link and it says this seller is no longer selling those. Do you know where else I can get stuff like these or what did you search on eBay? Thanks in advance


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