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Sole Swap Series – Episode 4: How To Glue Outsoles/Uppers To Midsoles Tutorial!


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**I recorded this video last week, so it’s a bit late! My bad yo!**
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  1. I know super glue seems like it works, but eventually cyanoacrylate becomes brittle especially in shoes, which causes them to fall apart. You should consider using a two part contact adhesive, it holds much longer, its flexible and if you get on something you didn't intend to, its super easy to clean off. I used to be a shoe repairer.

  2. hi. got amazing info out there on recycling shoes
    I just wanted to know something. I have an old pair of running shoes which worn out. I am at the same time looking out for a pair of Olympic Weightlifting shoes. However, cant find them. is it possible to remove the soft sole of the running shoe and replace it with a make shift wooden elevated heel sole. If so what are the nity grities I should be looking out for? Thanks.

  3. Just a question… I took the spikes off my CJ81 Elite TD's that are size 12, but feel like size 11 or 11.5. I'm sole swapping them with a size 11.5 Nike Vapor Trainer. Will they fit considering the tightness of cleats?


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