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Sole Swap Series – Episode 1: How To Remove Donor Midsoles Tutorial!


Thanks for checking out the latest how to tutorial on shoes.

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In this video I will be showing you the first step I like taking when sole swapping. All you’re going to need is a pot with boiling water! No heat gun or steamer is needed! Thanks again for all the love and support as always! You guys are awesome!

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  1. can you do this to 11s ? and can you reglue the sole you took off back if they're still in good condition? The problem I have is that my 11s are separated from the midsole on both shoes, but they are still in good condition. Can I just reglue them back on to the shoe ?

  2. Im doing this with a pair of air max 1s and air max 90s but the pair I'm putting the new midsole on isn't crumbly its just worn out. Would it be ok to use the boiling water trick on both pairs or would it mess up the air unit or something?

  3. someone help, i have some 04 flint 13s which iwant to take off the sole and reatach it. if i put boiling water in the shoe will it mess it up? cause the last person got super glue all over the midsole. HELP

  4. could this possibly work for vulcanized shoes? I doubt it but I'm sure there's some way to remove the vulcanized sole, even though it's like glued to the upper. I want to put a half cab upper on a dunk sole or something.


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