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How To Remove/Minimize Jean Stains Tutorial!


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Here’s a quick video showing you how to remove jean stains from your fresh kicks! I hope you enjoy this video! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for all the love and support as always!

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  1. Yo man I used this cleaner and twice its messed up my shoes no 3 times one it stained yellow on white mesh and you can tell the difference from the mesh I didn't clean and the other two times I cleaned my shoes one came out super dope and the other came out really faded and a totally different color I thought maybe I didn't clean it well enough so I gave it another go and just Dulled the shoe out worse!!! Any suggestions?? I've used this on all my shoes before and it never happens idk why this is going on!? 1 show was Orange Nike Waffles 2 shoe was Leopard Vans 3 shoe the one it stained yellow was The Ultra Air Max infared 90s

  2. I tried using liquid bleach by just dropping a few drops on the area, but since liquid bleach is slightly yellow for whatever reason it made the area just yellow instead the blue from my jeans. I tried to wash it out countless times but now my shoes are fucked

  3. This is kinda late but I have a fresh pair of 2016 French Blue 12s . I got some dye from my jeans on the tongue and on the sides , so can I just paint over the white with my Angelus White Leather paint ?

  4. The angelus easy cleaner is legit the same as any clear tint laundry detergent, if you own a washer you will likely have it… I used that instead and it worked better than any cleaner.


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