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How To Touch Up Midsole Paint Tutorial! (Re-Upload)


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Here’s a quick video showing you how to touch up the paint on your midsoles without completely re-doing them! I definitely could have spent more time making the lines crisp on my pair that I did, but I wanted to share the general idea. Regardless, I hope you guys still liked this one. Thanks for all the love and support as always!

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  1. The grey part at the front on the midsole of my bred 4's is starting to go an old yellowy colour as if its aged or stained. Does anyone know how to get rid of it and back to it's original grey state? Would appreciate any feedback.

  2. If the black midsole has no paint chipping in it and I want to leave it alone but the white has chipping and I want to remove it, how do I get a clean removal with acetone without harming the black paint??

  3. Yo @SneakerHeadInTheBay, I got some wrecked kobe 7 galaxy I was hoping u could bring back to life. The midsole has scuffing, the inner sock lining is ripped a little, the bottoms have gone yellow, and the bottoms need a sole swap.

  4. hey man, ive been thinking of taking some acetone to my jordan 6 infrareds to make them all white, do you think it would work? cause the paints not like glossy and thick like a jordan 3… would really appreciate your opinion, thanks fam

  5. hey man ive been a fan for a long time now, and ive just finally started restoring my first peir of sneakers. if got a pair of 06 release retro 4's that need a midsole repaint. ive stripped the paint, but im having a problem with my brush strokes showing in the paint. any tips or tricks you use to avoid that?

  6. I just want to know whether the miliary blue from the "military blue " 4s match with the blue on the "sport blue" 6s because im wanna touch up the paint on my sport blue 6s but cant seen to find the right color on angelus direct.com @thesneakerinthebay


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