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How To Get Rid of Jean Stains On Kicks!


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In this video I will show you how to remove most, if not all jean stains from your kicks. I will be using Angelus Easy Cleaner.

Angelus Easy Cleaner:

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  1. Can you do one video on how to get watermarks off faux suede like the oreo 5s because I had to take them out rotation because the water marks made them look horrible after I tried to clean the mud off them because we had a fire drill and well you know the rest I would really appriaciate and many along with me will benefit from it

  2. hey i know that your showing all the angelus products but come on thats a shitty product for sneakers guys if you really want to clean your sneakers and keep them fresh buy jason markk premium shoe cleaner that product is not disaponinting like this one

  3. 911. I serous need of your help. I used a bug spray and some got onto my toe box of my new infrared 11 lows. Now they have these little bump spots all over. Any way to repair this?

  4. I bought some Air Jordan Fire Red 5s on eBay and there's some denim stains on the netting of the shoes. Just wondering if this will help…

  5. this literally just happened to me on my creamwhite yeezys, thankfully its not a lot but i still wanna fix it before it gets more fucked up, would it work on the primeknit?


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