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How To Stay Safe When Doing Deals With Strangers


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Meetups are a great way to buy and sell items, and I thought it would be a good idea to share the precautions I take before I meet up any stranger. This can be used for many deals that are set up through craigslist, ebay, Facebook, etc. I’m tired of seeing all the violence that is occurring, and it needs to be put to a stop. If you have any tips, please feel free to drop it below. Thanks!

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  1. Its self defense. You can't be punished for defending yourself in a situation where you may be harmed or someone else is committing or when someone else may be harmed in the situation. You can harm or kill anyone in protection

  2. I think its better to hit them up over a social media or messenger that doesnt have a profile pic or information about you so the guy your meeting with wont have his boys be showing him pics of you and be like "thats him, kill him and take his space jams" Great vid by the way

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  4. Any fast food place with a dining room is good. No parking lots whatsoever.! A firehouse! Firemen are cool about that. Bring a friend or two. And police station lobby! They are cool about that too!


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