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How To Dye Suede / Nubuck / Elephant Print Tutorial!


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In this video I will be showing you how to dye suede / nubuck / elephant print. This is a very easy job, but it can be even easier if you listen to my tips!

Shoe used : Air JOrdan Stealth 3

Reason to dye: Dying shoes helps renew their original color. If you are into customizing shoes, this is also very useful.

Suede Dyes:

Paint Brush For Large Areas:

Paint Brush For Smaller Areas:

Water Proofer:


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  1. Would this work in a Suede "Flesh side leather" combat boot? and what if the boot is brand new i just got it from the factory is out of the box do i need to clean it anyway? "The boot is tan and i want to make it more brownish"

  2. Hey great video! I cant make up on my mind on buying a pint or quart for a pair of shoes for work since im changin' the color to black. Can you help me out ? Reebok rb1975

  3. how do u get liquid wax & oils off the shoe because i have sum bordeux 7 and had a run in with sum splashed smell good oil that was heating in a oil heater .i got most of the oil residue off but when my shoe dryed the wax spots begin to shoe

  4. I think you are supposed to stuff them with newspaper so it won't run through the inside. I'm in the process of dyeing my pink timberlands into violet. One coat looks pretty good so far..also, this dye stains anything it touches, so like ol boy says, use that box holder stand. Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated.

  5. +SneakerHeadInTheBay
    I Just Painted The Suede On My Air Jordan 1s Black.
    When I Touch The Black The Paint Bleeds On My Figures.
    How Do I Stop It From Bleeding ?


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