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How To Tell If Old Shoes (Jordans, Air Maxes, Etc.) Are Wearable!


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In this video I will be giving you tips and pointers I have noticed about shoes that are wearable and shoes that are not. If you are new to the shoe game, sneakers with foam midsoles become soft and crumble over time. These techniques I will show you will help you figure out the wearability of your older Jordans, air maxes, etc.

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Shoes that have foam midsoles: Jordan – 3 , 4, 5 , 6, 8 , 9 , etc.

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  1. If I bought a DS pair of Jordan 3s from 2001 and I'm just displaying them with my other OG Jordans they won't crumble as long as I don't wear them and their merely a display piece, correct?

  2. I am thinking about buying DS 2001 Black Cement 3s but I'm not sure if they are wearable, the air unit is a bit foggy and I cant tell if its major or not. Please let me know if its a shoe I can wear if I purchase it. Thanks 🙂

  3. I have a pair of 1996 air shake ndestrukts. Previous owner wore them for a while, then stopped wearing them. The air bubbles are slightly foggy on one shoe and clear on the other. Midsoles feel firm with no signs of cracking. Are they still wearable?

  4. I have a lot of air max from the early noughties. Some I wear and they're fine. Others are still brand new in the box with firm midsoles but I'm still scared to wear them. Some have clouded bubbles, but I wear them and they dont break. I guess its just luck lol

  5. Thanks helps a lot just bought a 4 year old shoe started wondering if it was wearable because it was DS already knew if it was worn they would be okay but who wants to buy worn shoes? lol


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