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How To Un-yellow/Whiten Midsoles Tutorial! (Outdoor Method) Fastest Way!


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In this video I will be showing you the fastest way to un-yellow midsoles that have turned yellow over time. This is probably the easiest and fastest way possible, so I hope you enjoy. Please leave feedback!

Tooth Brush
Shoe With Yellow Midsoles
Wet Wipes

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  1. Take some peroxide and mix a little cornstarch in it. Put it in the microwave about 30 seconds it will thicken up. Then put a scoop of oxyclean in it. It will start to foam. Continue to mix until most of the foam goes down.

  2. i have a pair of all white air max 90 essentials and i want to be prepared for when the midsoles yellow. is this method safe for the rubber midsole on my shoe because the rubber used for air maxes and dunks are different

  3. You tend to ramble but the how-to instructions you provide in your various videos are quite good. I have a pair of Nike Airforce 1's I've had since high school. I took fairly good care of them, cleaned them with a moist wipe whenever I got home, but the midsoles did eventually start to yellow. I came across this video yesterday, followed the instructions and they look almost brand new! I've put them through two cycles and as I type this am doing the third cycle. I love white shoes but was always so wary because of the eventual coloring, now I don't have to worry knowing I can restore them painlessly. Thanks for the videos, bro.

  4. would putting the shoes next to the window work the same way? I live in a 20 story apartment so the only way to get sunlight on the shoes is putting them next to the window

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