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How To Reglue / Attach Outer Soles Tutorial!


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In this video I will be giving you tips and pointers to consider when attaching outer soles back to midsoles. It is a fairly basic concept, but it is very time consuming. Thanks for watching! Please remember to like, comment, and subscribe!

Barge Cement Infinity
Tooth Pick / Q-Tip
Wet Rag / Baby Wipe
Old Shoe Laces
Shoe With Soles Completely Separated

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Links To Glue:

Barge Cement –
Barge Cement (Small Tube) –

Contact Cement –

Gorilla Glue –

Highly Cultured



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  1. i do shoe repair professionally and if you use barge you will have better results with applying it to both surfaces, also ace wraps work better then shoe laces as they have elastic and are wider for pressure distribution.

  2. My husband is 6'4" and 252lbs plus he works on his feet all day, so as you can imagine, he wears his shoe soles out pretty quick.  They could be cheap Walmart shoes or the expensive brands, and they all wear out and separate.  We had been using super glue of all things, and the last time we did that, there was a reaction and the glue starting smoking!  So I found your video and tried this brand of glue (along with some patience!), and it works.  thanks! 🙂

  3. If you prep both surfaces with 240 grit sand paper, wax and grease remover and a water based cleaner, you'll ensure a more permanent fix. also use rubber bands to clamp the sole. Otherwise a very good tutorial! Thanks!

  4. I was not gona tell you what I think, but since you asked us repeatdly, I think you REALLY SUCK! The most important part was to show us how long to let the glue to cure before slapping the sole on the shoe, and also let us see how you do it…and you skipped all that part…WTF?

  5. Is there any saving my work boots?l guess I am hard on boots,as this has happened to my last 3 pairs.
    The entire back of the bottom of both my 'rain' work boots as well as my Baumann work boots have the soles completely separated from the base of the shoe work boots, well, the "hole" hoes all the way to inner lining.I have used "shoe goop" on both,but that lasted about 2 weeks.I spend time in a lot of Sandy areas,I don't know if that is why it doesn't last …or not.Do you think they can be salvaged,they are used at most,1x a week, but I have only had these appx.5 months now-I haven't been able to wear them for 2 of those months.
    Sincerely ,

  6. You can get a more durable adhesion if you apply rubber cement to both surfaces, allow to dry, which takes just a few minutes, before carefully attach them together. The bond will not be pulled apart, so you need to be careful attaching the two sides.

  7. I have a question if your sneakers are made of nubuck material what is the best glue to use to glue the rubber sole back to the nubuck sneaker that allows flex but still has that ultimate bond like the factory glue???

  8. this is a really bad tutorial. I use barge super stick and I've used barge infinity cement in the past. you want to let your glue cure for 8-10 minutes, hit the surface with some heat (blow dryer or heat gun) and then bond them with hand pressure. you want the glue to get tacky and then it'll stick. thin coat is all you need. the longer the shoes cure, the better your bond is. once you have a bond, let it sit and don't mess with the shoe. the glue will do it's job.


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