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Sneaker Tips Episode 3 – How To Prevent Paint Cracking on Jordans / Nike Shoes!


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In this video I will be introducing my method on how to prevent paint cracking on any Jordan / Nike shoe that has paint on the midsole. Over time, the paint on midsoles will crack, but by taking my advice and tips, you will help prolong the process of cracking.

Sof Sole Insoles:

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I am not responsible if the paint cracks on your shoes.

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  1. Nice vid but let's just all face the fact that Jordan's are crappy shoes except for the number 1's. How about we all just stop buying them until he either drop the price or make better quality shoes. This is the reason I stop wearing them when I was younger. The price doesn't match the quality.

  2. Epic fail starts at 3:00
    Not sure what physics system you are using, but all of your weight no matter how thick or how much gel the insole has, will be transferred to the shoe. The only thing it will do is make your feet feel more comfortable and reduce instantaneous forces.
    Think about a car tyre and the car's suspension. The suspension makes the ride smoother to you yet the four tyres still bear the entire weight of the car between them. If you covered a car seat with insoles and then sat on the seat, it won't negate any of your mass being transferred to the tyres.
    What the thicker insole will do is reduce impact forces from jumping etc and reduce the instantaneous force experienced by the shoe. However, once the insole has absorbed the shock the full mass will still be applied to the sole of the shoe. If the sole of the shoe is old and is less resistant to compression, the paint will crack no matter what insole you use.

  3. He is explaining how to prevent from cracking so shut up & just listen if you like something you want to try to have it for  good time so he tells us how to keep up with them incase you want to keep or even sell your sneakers so dont question or mock him. Dude is just trying to help

  4. Guess it only happens on certain substances didn happen on my adizero (4yrs played basketball in used at practice and all) under armour (2yrs team basketball shoes and played outdoor with) or kobes (casual wear some gym basketball) i weight 180 n im 6'3


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