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How To Clean Light Dirt From Mesh Tutorial!


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In this video I will be showing you how to clean dirt from any mesh on Nike Sb Heinekens. I use Jason Markk in this tutorial to assist me in removing dirt marks from the upper portion of the shoe I am working on. This is a very effective way to clean your mesh uppers without posing any damage to the rest of your shoe. Shoes that have mesh: Space Jams, Concords, etc.

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– Jason Markk

– 1 Clean Soft Bristle Tooth Brush
– 1 Pair Of Shoes With Dirty Mesh
– Container
– Water
– A Couple Rags

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Jason Markk also helps cleaning canvas, leather, suede, nubuck, and a few other materials.

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  1. Hey bro you should make a video on how to Read glue the soul back I have some OG 13 breds that I have so separation and I don't know how to glue them back it wood be dope if you did but yeah keep up the good work

  2. There already clean, use a pair of trainers with some dirty mesh or at least look like they've been worn quite a few times. I'm trying to clean my all white air max 90s and cleaning the mesh is quite difficult but I use angelus easy cleaner.

  3. nice video man, by any chance do you know how to remove the yellowing on that white lace loop in the middle of the tongue (and in my case the top portion of the tongue as well) and get it to a bright white?

  4. This video actually really helped on my heinekens. I was doing basically the same with the exception of drying the tongue. And that was my problem, it kept leaving water stains, but dabbing the water out helped them! Thanks bud!


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