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Sneaker Tips Episode 1 – How To Sanitize Used Shoes Tutorial


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Reasons to do this:
Get rids of bacteria from previous owners.
Prevents the spreading of disease from feet.
Deodorizes the shoe and leaves a clean smell.
Cleans dirt, hair, sock lint, etc. inside the inner shoe.


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  1. another tip…to get those little balls out of the inside…you know those lil pieces from the socks…take a one way razor and shave it all out…it will make the inside or the insole look like new.with that rag and the alcohol you are doing not much.better to unlace the shoe,take the insole out…and use a spray bottle to get it in the shoe…give it a good couple squeezes.also on the insole..so the alc can go inside the material…let it vaporate and ur done.

  2. too long. give me the information on how to deodorize.  i don't need the story or the science of it.  i didn't even watch the more than 3 min.  step 1, 2, 3. done!

  3. would you recommend using the reshoevn8r washing machine method on black cement 3s from 2011 to disinfect the inside of the shoes or would i be safe just doing this method ?

  4. Alcohol only cleans the topical shell of insole..Bacteria & mold breeds in the the inside spongy part of the insole from perspiration ..Insoles should be washed 2 times using a bucket or in the sink full of water thoroughly with mild antibacterial soap & warm water then rinsed 2 times (air dry) then use alcohol or better yet replace insoles

  5. Alternative instead of fogger .use .FRESH & CLEAN brand scented spray (for pets ) comes in assorted scents) & lasts a long while….. or use plain Baking soda powder mixed with baby powder once a week inside neaker.


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