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Kobe Bryant, Best Rapper-Hooper & 2K Wagers | Tre Good Podcast #3


Kobe 💛💜🙏🏽🕊

Head to Dre’s video right after 👉🏽

Previous Pod where we laughed at my first attempt to box 🥵🥊😅

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  1. I cannot stress enough how happy it makes me to see you guys back together. Kickgenius was such a HUGE part of my life and I missed you guys and all the content

  2. Yes, I got the style and yes, I got this eaze they call me Mr. Muthafuck yo bitch on her knees…

    She be like "please"
    I be like "why"
    She be like "How you want that? How you-"
    I'm like "shush shush shush, just put that in your mouth"

  3. Same, he was never my #1 favorite player and I never thought I was this attached to Kobe until he died and I was crying all day like we’re relatives. I was listening to I’ll be missing you by puff daddy for a straight week.

  4. Rest In Peace Kobe, you inspire and motivate me to become a better version of myself every single day. The legacy you created on and off the court will live on FOREVER and continue to inspire the next generation. I hope you and Gianna are in Heaven shooting hoops #Mamba4Life


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