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2020 FREESTYLE (Feat. J.Jones, Dre & Nick)


Before anything, we have a TON of behind the scenes videos that we took while recording this together. We recorded in this crazy huge studio that was just built in our city! 🤯 There is a teaser video up now in which you’ll be able to see the quality of the footage we plan on dropping through the journey.

BTS Teaser here! ►

Also, keep in mind that future behind-the-scenes videos will include audio packed with a ton of bloopers and cool rapper vibes 😎

Until then, if you want to keep up with everything SOL Studios is doing, be sure to follow them here!


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Beat made by Accent Beats!
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I had a blast(1077) FINALLY rapping with all my friends on one track! 😳🔥
Since I was gone for so long in 2019, I felt that dropping something in a new direction would be the proper way to start 2020 🥳

By the way, this doesn’t mean we are rappers… BUT… 🌾👀🌾.. lol never mind. Ill tell you guys later 😏 Hope you enjoy!

Might drop little freestyles on SoundCloud that I don’t post here on Youtube
☁️ ►

WARNING: Explicit Language. Moving forward, I will be more mindful during the recording process and clean it up for the youngins, but it is what it is for now.

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  1. Yo Tre, what’s it like working on a record with such an iconic, influential, and humble rapper like Jay Jones? He seems like such a down to earth dude, especially for someone so monumental and impactful on the culture.

  2. Yes, I got the style and yes, I got this eaze they call me Mr. Muthafuck yo bitch on her knees…

    She be like "please"
    I be like "why"
    She be like "How you want that? How you-"
    I'm like "shush shush shush, just put that in your mouth"


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