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Being Honest for 25 Minutes


I hope you guys can find something worth holding onto in this video. If so, let me know in the comments!

I’m working on what I need to put in my description box. Until then, I’m getting active on all social media platforms 😬

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  1. Well this is the result of when you put your value in materialistic things just like you are realizing right now materialistic things come and go life is too short my friend Stay humble work hard

  2. You add value with this video … everything u said relates to ppl your age going thru the same things u are. Purpose in life and living life in your own head, like u said nobody cares (the way you meant it).

  3. You might like a book I'm reading called, the Power of Now. I'm relating with what your talking about for sure. Gave me the feels. Part I'm at now talks about how to dicifer between our thoughts and our being in the moment. Peace.

  4. Idk if you saw my last comment on your other video, but when you started talking about giftedness and stuff I again was reminded of working with youth. I think you should definitely ask God about that, but also I wanted to encourage everything you are doing man. If you focus on those two things, everything else will fall into place. Love you bro!

  5. What your are doing is the most powerful thing that you can do! Your completely honest and vulnerable and this allows people to see what your made of. Your speaking on the unknown which everyone has to master. Keep it up bro your great! And I’m proud of you.

  6. Bra how do you not have like 2000 to spend on rent ? What did you spend it on ? Just sell some of your Jordan’s and move in and start making videos make better financial decisions. Materials don’t matter anymore especially at 27


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