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Coming Out… (1 Year Later)


First things first. Yes, I obviously wore the wrong deodorant 😅

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  1. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION! Also, if you don't understand what I'm saying in this video, its okay. I couldn't pack everything into one video, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will go into detail in the next video. Thank you guys for still being here after all this time..

  2. Bro, I'm so happy for you! But remember, the devil hates you and this kind of stuff and all he wants to do is tear you down. And remember on top of that that greater is He who is in you, rely on God and you'll be good Tre! Did you catch the play on words? Also, this may sound stupid or obvious, but the most important thing you can do is get closer in your relationship with God and love others. It can get so easy to get caught up in other things that could be seen as good but then they become idols or they get in the way of your relationship with God. Another really obvious thing that I want to point out, if you want to see what perfection being acted out looks like, what it looks like to love someone like Jesus, look through the gospels and see what he did, analyze, review, meditate on it. When you started talking about youth I felt it, I think you should pursue that with prayer! If you need to talk to someone about anything, I'm here for you if you want, we could find some way to connect I guess lol. Love you bro, stay woke! Check out Deuteronomy 23:12. And once you realize I'm joking, check out Matthew 18:12-14 for the serious one. Also, Christian hip hop is pretty good, Ty Brasel is definitely someone you should check out and same with Parris Charriz (kuh-riz) and then me once I release some stuff lol. Anyways, to conclude my essay, God bless, and keep ya head up! Praying for you!

  3. Tre your a big inspiration please continue to make videos like your the big reason I started hooping, I got pulled on to a better path by seeing you playing basketball, it made me want to be a better person

  4. Just as Brian Welch came to know Jesus and still playing with his band you can also do the same Tre…you can always go back doing sneaker performance reviews and also use the opportunity to spread the gospel…I honestly don’t know how u can put them together but I know that nothing is impossible for those who believe in Him…welcome to the Christian world bro!

  5. I gave my life to Christ on April 28th this year. I was a totally different person before, Drugs, Partying, Anxiety And all the Lusts of the world. It caught up with me when God had blessed me with my daughter. And i really started thinking about life and eventually broke down that night April 28th and repented. Next day felt Soo much peace i couldn't explain, And a few days later after some research i found out that i had been "Born again". Almost 7 months on with the Lord and It has been the best 7 months of my 29 years being here on earth. I strive to pick up my cross Daily and Be a light to this perishing world. God bless you Brother, You are probably facing tribulation and persecution from friends and family and the World, But greater is he who's in us, Than he that is in the World! Praise The Lord Brother! Love from Melbourne, Australia.


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