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Tyga DIP Freestyle! | #JustRap


#JustRap is a fun, freestyle session with the boys. This week, 2/3 of the squad spit a quick 16 to Tyga’s newest single “Dip” which sounds like the past 4 singles he’s dropped in 2018. Salute.

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  1. Ayo! Just a heads up… By the time you read this comment, the video will be over lol. Dre wasn't able to make it this week, BUT we did manage to film a couple reactions! TakeOff's new album included. So stay tuned to the channel, hit the notification bell, and we'll be dropping the next video off soon. Next couple hours. Thanks for watching!

  2. Y’all should drop a mixtape nick is the R&B guy with bars tre is the bars/ hype man and Dre is straight BARS he come in at the end with that 2 minute verse that caps it off while nick finish the chorus

  3. No bs. Y’all need to let your skills shine more. Tre, I know you got supporters that are producers. Let these cats send y’all some ORIGINAL heat and it WILL take off. I think it would be fun to see that AND some music videos to go along with the music. Each one of y’all can do the solo shit and still do the trio thing. You guys definitely have a unique thing about yourselves. Keep it going and evolve.

  4. Low key wanna be able to just step in front of a mic and let the bars take over like u guys do. Not a lot of everyday people can actually freestyle like that while riding the flow, I definitely could not do that lool. Not saying u guys are anything amazing yet, but ngl u have some underrated musical talent.


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