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Thoughts On Lebron & Drake Talk!


Time Stamps:

Drip Harder & Quavo Huncho Recap – 00:30
Ella Mai – 11:35
Drake & Lebron – 19:00
Chance The Rapper Independency – 33:00
Raps Wittiest Rappers – 37:40
Where Does Nikki Minaj Really Rank? – 41:08
Kickin Shit – 42:30

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  1. lol I was just talking about wanting y’all to talk about basketball again. Like keep rapping and doing the podcast but I need Tre to talk that shit for kelly booker d’lo and Ingram

  2. In my opinion for the benefit of Drake and Pusha the fact he didn't release this is because it would have escalated into some more than people around them would be vulnerable to. Back to back was just roasting so it wasn't on that tip


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