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Logic ‘YSIV’ Reaction!



  1. Ima really enjoy this reaction right here man, big bros always keeping it real with us. Thats why I mess with yall so heavy man, I did enjoy this album tho I can listen to it anywhere man. Much love for yall as always man, I love the vibes in the room

  2. I think his perspective and how he went about describing the importance of family over money was on point imo. And frankly I haven’t heard anyone break it down like he did. Lotta people got daddy issues, I get it, but how many people have really broken down that struggle instead of just addressing it in passing uk? I’m not saying he went in depth either, but he spoke on how “men,” who leave their family, leave bc they chasing something else (or running away) in search of fulfillment in some type of way or another. The irony is that they don’t realize how fulfilling and impactful being a family unit really is. Your kid can be the next icon, great athlete, artist, or at least a good human being which are all successes. He’s definitely a niche rapper, but that niche is obviously pretty big given his success and definitely deserves an ear

  3. This why I don't listen to Logic anymore. Everything sounds the same and nothing hits me hard. It just sounds generic, he's good but its like what Nick said "What are you really doing?"

  4. i cant be the only person who doesnt fuck w/ Kendrick i like his Pimp A Butterfly Project and the song a Letter to Death that's pretty much it

  5. I'm not a die hard logic fan but this was by far his best in awhile. I don't like every track on the album, but them saying he is generic I don't get. A lot of rappers now a days don't do anything different, it's basically the samething unless they come out with a concept album like Cole just did.

  6. Logic is the opposite of real lol. Says he promotes peace love and positivity and then raps about the opposite, also divorces his wife because he likes being single better. Don’t get me wrong what you do with your life is your business but don’t tell us what you’re about and then not live it. It’s a money scheme to keep all y’all kids thinking he cares about your happiness and it’s the fakest shit.


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