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Lil Wayne ‘Carter V’ Album REVIEW!



  1. I'm 20 and from Louisiana so this whole notion that we can't talk to you because you're what ? 5, 6 years older than me ? Lol, YOU'RE DISRESPECTFUL ! Wayne is a legend, Carter 5 may not be a classic but to shit on it.. the disrespect of Wayne, the disrespect of Marshall, they're legends..

  2. Nah you wanted all over the place Wayne but he had a focused energy that showed his growth as an artist and man. So his sound is a bit different. Bar for bar one of his best works is the Carter V ….. The fact that you can't deal with Wayne being relatively chill and more mature is insane to me. And I'm 28 so I clearly remember Wayne run and the energy he gave off. But his music ability is far beyond that in your face energy and this album proves it. At worst C5 is only behind C3 but I personally think the wide range Wayne showed while bringing the entire album together as a cohesive work makes C5 better

  3. So younger folk can't talk to you about Wayne cuz they younger?… As long as a nigga objectively listening to the music more than a few times they should be able to talk to you about it. The idea that a nigga can't say nothing to you about wayne because of that is dumb as hell and you need to change that mentality cuz it aint it b. If i'm taking what you said wrong i apoligize.

  4. Bruh im 15 and when i was around 7-11 Wayne was my favorite rapper and if someone like me takes or took the time to go and listen to all his old music can talk wayne with u. Im young and study music. Im not mad or nun but u should always take other ppls opinion into consideration.

  5. I get your concept on the approach and you expecting it to be like previous albums or wanting that bar for bar Wayne. As a fan I came to the album with an open mind and not tryna compare or have him sound or rap like he use to. This album in specific he talked a lot about him more and what he’s been through, not every song is good I agree I’m not gassing it up it’s just the understanding of actually feeling what he’s talking about in his perspective. It was very deep to me and songs is not always about bars just listen to what he’s saying

  6. Tre Music taste and mine are very aligned. Nothing really spoke to me on Wayne’s album except maybe the break me down song whatever it was called which tre also enjoyed. I feel tre would fuck with my playlist for sure


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