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Did Eminem Kill MGK With KILLSHOT? Russ Crew vs SmokePurpp, Kodak Black & A Boogie Beef!



1:30 – Can Joe REALLY take Eminem out? Let’s think about it…

5:00 – Katt Williams talks down on Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish

14:00 – Kodak Black says “Fuck A-Boogie & Don Q”

15:30 – Russ’ crew beats up SmokePurrp

21:00 – Social Media Expectations and Negativity

30:00 – Pass the Aux

31:30 – Lil’ Wayne “Carter V” (Before Thoughts)

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  1. I mean the only thing mgk said was that Eminem is old and his last album was trash. And Eminem responded by saying he was more accomplished when he was his age and that his albums are selling more than his. So it’s the perfect comeback but niggas don’t respect it just because you have to think a bit more to understand his bars and lyrics.

  2. Killshot was a real battle rap diss.. MGK had the song pre made… and like em said he was going to blow up.. and the diss was perfect cause it ended all the things mgk said in his song then he goes in for the kill… catch the bars bro

  3. I really don't like this nigga Nick first u say u dont like eminems beat then u don't like his bars because u claim he ain't saying shit? Motherfucker dont even like lebron. I mean goddamn em or bron cant win for shit with some people.

  4. The only thing weak about killshot was the beat, if you don't understand the subtle details in the lyrics there are so many videos breaking down the track. Just throwing it aside saying it's got lazy or weak bars is close minded af. There's a reason barely anyone throws shade on Em, and killshot shows that. Hell the track broke records and isn't even an offical release for hip hop.


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