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FIRST TIME Trying Ninja Warrior!



  1. Ok, this was the most entertaining and wholesome vlog i have EVER watched. Seriously, this had everything in it. From meeting your mom (and loving her energy and spirit) to seeing her interaction with you and your friend, it was genuinely awesome. You make this really feel like i was in the room with yall, it had the professionalism of a tv show while still having the familiarity of an old "home video." I can't tell you how many times i was actually in the rooms with you, talking to you and nick and moms and mrs. jen. I've had nothing but enjoyment over the years watching yall grow. Kinda makes me feel like i grew up with y'all (I'm subscribed to Jeremy too).

    youre someone i look up to, just know that from the way you look at your day (like an adventure or an exploration) is truly an inspiration. Seeing you working out and on your grind every vlog makes me wanna grind too.

    thanks for the awesome content, keep it coming!


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