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Young Thug “Slime Language”, Amine “ONEPOINTFIVE” + More | a GOOD Podcast EP.5


a GOOD Podcast EP.5

Slime Language x Young Thug – 0:50
ONEPOINTFIVE x Amine – 4:10/10:10
Cash App Me Girls – 11:00
Tory & Bryson Collab – 16:30
King of Flipping Samples? – 19:40
King of Autotune – 23:19
The Bow Wow disrespect -28:30

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  1. why is nick saying tory lanez doesnt flip it when remixing or samplign lol? tory lanez is the only nigga to actually flip it. bet if you asked nick who would remix a song better, travis scott or tory, he says travis. then tell him to go listen to travis and torys uber everywhere remix. who flipped it? travis took the same fuckin flow as madeintyo and tory the only nigga to flip it. and thats just one example

  2. I hope this doesn’t come off as “hating” but nick’s opinion (not just music) is irrelevant to me. Idk why. I fw nick tho. Can someone explain what’s wrong with me?


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