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Thoughts on AstroWorld, YG, Mac Miller + A LOT MORE!


Time Stamps
7:32 – Astroworld
17:32 – YG
23:00 – Denzel Curry
27:00 – DJ Khaled & Synergy in music
39:35 – Kickin’ Shit

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  1. I wish Tre named the channel good , it makes sense because Tre good created the channel , it's good reviews, good conversations, good skits, good people, good moments. Everything the squad and Tre put out is good shit.

  2. I think that why he uses the beat switch so much in the album is because it adheres to the theme of the album. The album is meant to be a theme park, which means every song is a ride, the beat switches are showing the turns and twist of each ride, for example in stargazing before the beat switch theres a sound of a roller coaster about to speed up, the beat switch is meant to represent the new part of the ride.

  3. The chemistry y’all got is unmatched on this YouTube shit. No other group of people make me laugh as much and y’all don’t make designated jokes it’s regular comedic conversation with the homies

  4. wow, the beginning part of this shit was annoying as hell. The disrespect to Mac Miller is amazing… his album is way better than anything that dropped. Calling him trap? Y'all don't know shit about rap.

  5. Nick prolly got the best ear for music out the group imo, but they had me lost talking bout astroworld, to me it was fire, transitions were crazy and sonically it felt like a roller coaster ride from start to finish. features were executed perfectly! (except for NAV's lmaoo) but to each his own, im bumpin it in the whip regardless lol


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