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KickGenius’ Greatest Moments (2012-2017)


Thank you for the years of support. Cheers to the next chapter!

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  1. Damn bro I remember being in the airport I’m France watching y’all play stickbol or whatever that game was called. I’m gonna miss the squad and KG. I think it’s fair to say FUCK COOP.

  2. Man y'all gotta patch this friendship up dogg. Y'all were best friends for years. I went through something similar with my best friend, it took some time but we finally put our differences aside & remembered that at the end of the day we're brothers for life. I know you've both got your own things going on YouTube doing well, but don't do it for the camera, do it for your brother.

  3. So thankful for this video and for the years of tremendously insightful, entertaining, and financially impactful (saving) content. I truly love you guys and appreciate your vision and creativity.

    Also, thank you Tre for the explanatory and honest ending. You're tremendous at what you do and how you relate to your viewers.

  4. Watching yall grow together was so dope and I’m glad to have been a part of that by watching your guys videos together. I remember meeting you two at sneaker con in Chicago and I’m glad I got to see you guys together, smiling and making eachother laugh, connecting on the court. I was in awe of the brotherhood I saw. Your connection and friendship was so cool to see. I respect both of you guys and hope you one day cross paths again in the future. I’ll continue to support the both of you guys and I wish you guys the best.


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