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Where is J.Jones?????


If you have any questions for Jeremy, feel free to ask him DIRECTLY @IAmJayJones (Twitter/Instagram)

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  1. People have to understand that they're growing and evolving as they age, they're not the same kids as they were when they started, they each have their own things to handle and take care of as adults, they won't always be together and as a O.G. sub I understand that and I still love the channel regardless of who's on here

  2. You'd think this would be common sense at this point, niggas act like people don't have regular lives and the need to support yourself monetarily, emotionally, physically, and spiritually

  3. I think nick deserves to be put in the channels about section. Dre, Jeremy and you are in there so I feel like he should too. He’s been a big part of this channel within the last 4 or 5 months and he deserves that spot bruh

  4. Tre i really fw u. U one of the realest people I know and I really have noticed how u have changed over the course of the Kickgenius Journey. Imma fw with U, Jay, Nick, and Dre forever. Keep doing what yall do. yall my favorite youtubers too


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