Home Sneaker News LaMelo & LiAngelo Ball Signed Professionally For HOW MUCH?!

LaMelo & LiAngelo Ball Signed Professionally For HOW MUCH?!


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  1. Why is everyone freaking about about these two clowns going to a d2 league in Lithuania? If they are better than this than show it on the court and start dropping 20+ point games per game! Than we will talk about NBA…

  2. Lamelo's still gonna finish high school, he's just gonna be home schooled for the rest of it. And in my opinion, I think the level of play of pro ball overseas is comparable to college ball in the states so it's not a bad move at all.

  3. The other 2 Ucla players ended up getting suspended from the team for the year, so i feel like Lavar made the right move pulling him out. I would of tried to see if another college would take him, instead of going overseas.


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