Home Sneaker News Should I Vlog? (LONG RANT)

Should I Vlog? (LONG RANT)


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Video edited by: Tre

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  1. Btw, this video was recorded Oct. 7th. So when I made reference to it being 5 days away from our 5 year anniversary on youtube (we started Oct. 12, 2012) thats why that makes sense. Also, when I was talking about starting to put ad-breaks in video, this was before I actually implemented them into the videos (i.e. the Vertical Jump video I posted a few days ago) So i don't want you guys to think that I just threw the ad-breaks in there before I even gave a heads up.

  2. By vlogging, it helps incorporate both the true person behind the camera (if u are transparent) and the content they produce making the QUALITY more intriguing because we can relate to u

  3. Yo i personnally fuck with u no matter what u do bro! I love all the smart ass conversation that u talk about it opens up my mind and make me realise thing i dont really think about in an other perspective! Just like this video about vlogs!

  4. I love when u talk about thing and u always be straight up and not fake what u do! Thats one of the reasons i love bout yall! If u dont fuck with vlog, I wont fuck with it!

  5. Wasn't Tre vlogging a few months ago? There was a point when I didn't like KG cos it was just Tre going on about being a "creator" and all the videos had crazy clickbaity titles. Good that they brought it back though (kind of).

  6. You don't have to daily vlog but vlogging more would be cool. At this point the content you produce, while it is high quality and it is certainly part of the reason we watch, isn't as important as your personality. We fuck with YOU, Jeremy, and Nick and that's why we watch. If you vlog that's just a sneak peek for us into your life, because we already care about this channel. So seeing what's going on in your life would be great and just a bonus to the content you produce already.

  7. Tre I wanna say your thoughts are truly candid and heartfelt and it is so obvious how intelligent and real you are. I hope everyone sees the kindness in your heart, you handwork and your pure nature. No matter what you go through we are always here and supporting. You are heard and understood by many please never forget that.


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