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OKC vs The Warriors WHO’S Winning?!


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  1. Tre looks like a little pussy when hes reacting to any video. And everytime Jay try to say something tre always holding him cuz jay only state fax and tre knows that but cant respect dat for some reason hes annoying

  2. The cavs sure have a better chance. Lebron with ALLLL these pieces. He will sure find a way to use them but would still fall short to gsw because you can only play 5 at a time and any 5 from gsw build a better team than any 5 from the cavs.

  3. Im with Jay, Dwade and Bron still got the chemistry. plus don't sleep on Isaiah like fr fr. Ill take a Healthy Cavs over the warriors if the Gsw get through Spurs, Okc. but i think Okc got a great chance at taking them down tho


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