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For The Love of the Game… (Is It Over??)


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Video edited by: Jeremy

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  1. Shit if i had the money i would pay the shit out of that, and you should take the chance, what if it gets viral you got the money from the series for you and the ppl you care for and we get great amazing content from you guys

  2. I get where you're coming from and "for the love of the game" just looked like it took a ton of time and that's coming from someone that didn't edit it, but I really fucking love that series. If you actually put it up on the KG website I would pay for that every time. Even just once every month is better than nothing that shit was too fire. But obviously if that's something you guys don't feel you have time for I still won't stop watching the vids

  3. Guys, we aren't actually trying to sell you guys any content. We know a lot of you guys are growing up and don't have much money, that's why we've been making free content on YouTube for years. We just used that to try to prove a point.. if you wouldn't be willing to spend .99 per episode, you shouldn't harass us about not posting that type of high quality content.

  4. I have $18 in my bank account i.e. less than $15usd and even i would pay a dollar an episode for your content, whether its a "love of the game" episode or random Q&A. Its hard to living a life pleasing others that demand so much yet give so little, much respect to you guys and thank you for all the hardwork over the years. I will stay a supporter of KickGenius for as long as I live, and even though i might not enjoy some videos like the gaming videos, I will remain a supporter because of the work you guys put it. Once again, much respect to you guys.


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