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For The Love of the Game… (Is It Over??)


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Video edited by: Jeremy

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  1. Guys, we aren't actually trying to sell you guys any content. We know a lot of you guys are growing up and don't have much money, that's why we've been making free content on YouTube for years. We just used that to try to prove a point.. if you wouldn't be willing to spend .99 per episode, you shouldn't harass us about not posting that type of high quality content.

  2. Would y'all consider a Patreon account? It's a good way to help get some funding for your videos and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would donate. Check it out a lot of YouTubers use Patreon it's smooth

  3. I would like to thank you for your hard work and everything that you put out there for us for free. For the love of the game was the best thing that I saw on youtube. I would be more than happy to pay for it even if it would be 2-3$ for a video. You are doing an amazing job and I hope that you will keep on grinding! Thank you for all the quality you put in every video!

  4. I'm late to comment, but top five Lakers list doesn't include Wilt Chamberlain or the LOGO, Jerry West?! WTF! The list is as follows: Magic, Wilt, Jabbar, West and Kobe, not necessarily in that order. I only left Shaq out because he wasn't a lifetime Laker like the others. (Yeah, I know, Wilt had some good years with the Sixers before becoming a Laker, but once he became a Laker he stayed).

  5. That's ridiculous for you to bring up paying for videos this is a YouTube channel don't blame that dude for asking where the love of the game videos are. I love kg I been with y'all since the first drose performance test it's a shame that y'all don't post hoop workout videos. You make it such a priority to push out content now it's more important for quality content I think jay needs to make his own hooping channel where he does performance test all the time there is plenty of hoop shoes that y'all haven't covered I love kg but Tre needs to stop trying to be so funny y'all need to focus on hoop videos more just now I'm not hating y'all I truly love kick genius I'm from Little Rock so u know I'm with y'all


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