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BEST NBA Player by NUMBER! (#1-#30)


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Video edited by: Nick

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  1. Nobody's better than mj this dumb ass nigga don't know wtf hes talking about this nigga said ish Smith is better than kyrie u really can't take the man serious and he thinks kelly is cold get tf outta here that shit triggered me

  2. Idk why people think LeBron is better than MJ. He always needs more help (Kevin Love and Kyrie in clevelend, Bosh and Wade in Miami) than MJ, he goes up against easier defense, he is 3-6 in the finals including the most lop-sided NBA finals in history against the spurs. He lost to the Mavs in 2011 when he had a super team when the mavs had 2 maybe 3 ok players and Dirk. Just because he's physically stronger means nothing when we're talking about somebody who is 6-0 in the finals and never needed as much help as LeBron does. Honestly people who think this just have recency bias.

  3. You cant give Lebron both 6 and 23.. He obviously can have 6, but 23….. come on mannn. Yes its very close! MJ takes it though for sure. How are you gonna have any kind of the best NBA players discussion, whether it's by position, jersey number, size, duo or anything and leave out the greatest of all time!


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