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Hoodie Melo vs Regular Melo


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Video edited by: Nick

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  1. Damm y'all need to chill on of guy is in his prime and isn't havent like a crazy season melo has similar number and he's about u 7 years older lmaoo chill the Fuck out..only reason why George is better then melo right now is defense and even that Georges defense is a little overated and melos is underated..seriously When did this happen ever people started thinking melo can't play d???he's average at worst the rest of it his defense is above average for a NBA player..not bad at all if I had to rate their defense out of 100 and their offense out of 100 for what they are right now it's this offense melo 93 George 89 defense melo 79 George 85..

  2. That gym a building in NY called life at sky u can go if u gotta membership for like 250 a month shit is worth it tho they got a gym pool and u can play with these dudes anytime


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