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BEST YOUTUBE DUO??| KickGenius vs CashNasty & Mal



  1. Tre's hair is waaay better now than it was, I mean it wasn't bad but he looked like he was 15 back then from neck up. I thought he was 15 when I first started watching back in the day

  2. stop comparing Cash and Mal.. they lost to some white boys that weren't that good. Jay and Tre can actually hoop.
    Tre and Jay vs Cash and Mal is too easy for Kickgenius.

    let's get Nick and Dre vs Cash and Mal

  3. I love how realistic y'all are. Most niggas will play some weak dudes in basketball on a regular basis and think they would be at a 70+ overall on 2K. U guys are actually good and know your actual worth


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