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INTENSE Back Workout and New Jordan Trainer!


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  1. Loving the new gym series/old coming back!! Loving you cut scenes with a KickGenius coming up and love the way that you guys are talking about the shoe at the end real close personal really great work as always

  2. I've been watching you guys since I was in middle school and now I'm starting college, and I can say you guys stay true to your fans, no clickbait bs and you guys have always had good content, keep it up

  3. These the dudes you know everybody in he gym fuck with. They cold asf on the court but at the same time they chill asf and just one of the bros. The type of niggas who are just cool asf

  4. @KickGenius do you think these would be okay for basketball? i mean, they do have zoom and a strap after all. i just want a cross trainer that i can use for HIIT, weight training and bball.


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