Home Sneaker News THE ABSOLUTE BEST PLAY from EACH NBA Team! (2016-17 Season)

THE ABSOLUTE BEST PLAY from EACH NBA Team! (2016-17 Season)


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Video edited by: Jay Jones

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  1. He said Russell Westbrook rating is a 92….when his 2k18 rating isn't even out yet, I looked it up and saw nothing.And I doubt they would make him a 92 when he was a 95 this year and just averaged a triple double

  2. The Cavs one was defo wrong. It should have been the Kyrie Christmas Day game winner. Although there are so many good Cavs plays to choose from.
    I don't get why everyone loves that Durant three. It was with 45 seconds left and was literally just a normal three point shot.

  3. The last digit of your like is your NBA Player
    1. LeBron James
    2. Kyrie Irving
    3. Russell Westbrook
    4. James Harden
    5. Klay Thompson
    6. Stephen Curry
    7. Kevin Bandwagon Durant
    8. Devin Booker
    9. Jimmy Butler
    0. Kevin Love


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