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you can’t say this about us anymore… | UPDATE VIDEO


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Video edited by: Tre

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  1. The commentary over blacknine's vids are entertaining.

    I rarely watched the shoe review videos when they came out initially. They were good to reference when I was researching quality shoes. And to be 100% kick genius was my "consumer reports" for shoe reviews. Aka I trust yalls opinion.

  2. I fuck with y'all overall like all y'all videos is entertaining cuz y'all speak from y'all opinions so it's always interesting. I'm cool with all the different types of videos y'all post ever since the game of A.S.S to see who pays for lunch. Keep grindin and doin y'all thing

  3. MAN FUCK THAT 5%. It never even felt I was watching reaction videos. I look at those niggas like cloutchasers. But yall make the shit seem so smoove. Its not just 3 niggas watching a screen begging for views

  4. Hell yeah I'm ready for that Monday…. I mean Tuesday….. I mean Wednesday….. I mean Thursday……. I mean Friday…… I mean Saturday night q and a

  5. I'm subscribing today. You guys truthfully some real individuals. It reminds me of the vibes and fun I have with my boys. Keep up the good work. You guys have definitely made a fan out of me. Thank you for the laughs.

  6. Honestly keep doing what yall doing. I will 100% support everything yall do. I love everything yall upload and i been a subscriber since intro to yall youtube. Ignore what people say and keep bringing out good content


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