Home Sneaker News Should We Just Fight and Get This Over With??

Should We Just Fight and Get This Over With??


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Video edited by Tre & Nick
2K footage edited by Nick
COD footage edited by Tre

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  1. This match up is trash. Because the amount of time tre put in for call of duty, dominates the amount nick puts in 2k. The only way the match ups are going to be even is if nick had more time to get comfortable with the weapons and maps and spawns. That’s the difference between the 2 games. 2k is defense, shoot and rebound. That’s it. There’s no complexities behind it. Tre is more familiar with the maps, more comfortable with most of the guns, aware of most, if not all the hiding/spawn spots in COD. That’s fact.

  2. Just watched this, gotta respect all opinions but if you will put this in a simple way here it goes. Tre and Nick with 2k, the game is clutch while Tre and Nick in COD the game ain't even close to a clutch game, which concludes that Tre is well rounded. (I thought they were gonna fight over this real hard tho, like when you put a plus4 card in the game UNO then suddenly your friendship turns to garbage.)


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