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Responding to Chris Smoove…


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  1. If we're talking match ups, then let's flip it then. 95-96 Bulls, who's checking Jordan? Who's checking Pippen? And if I'm not mistaken hand-checking was still a thing during the 96 era, so you're telling me that Jordan can't pressure Curry? Sure Curry might drop a good 20+ but Jordan would make that the toughest 20+ of Curry's career. KD is long and tall and got handles for his height but y'all sleeping on one of the most versatile and skilled defenders the game ever saw in Pippen. Yeah Pippen isn't locking KD down but again, the Bulls definitely have a more athletic squad, Kd is not fucking with Pippen physically and Curry definitely can't touch Jordan. And when it comes to the 01 Lakers, who's guarding Kobe and Shaq?! Smoove was 100% correct on Shaq's impact in a game, he'll either injure or foul out several key players. So like you guys said, it's all about match ups, but match ups go both ways, it's not just about who can and can't guard the Splash bros and KD, nigga it's about who can the Splash bros and KD guard!? And every team smoove mentioned is better at individual defense compared to the Warriors. Who do you got in an Iso play, Kobe or Curry? Jordan or Curry? People love to live in the moment.

  2. I think people forget that every team people say could beat the warriors were built to compete in that particular era of basketball. The warriors have changed the way basketball is played and have now forced the cavs to build a team to beat them at their own game. That is a reason they are one of the top three teams ever. Not a warriors fan btw, Knicks fan 🙁

  3. Did tre really just say 2001 KOBE FUCKING BRYANT is not better than 2017 Kevin Durant
    Nigga your opinion lost when you said deangelo Russell is a elite guard so get yo nigga jay Jones he talkin bullshit

  4. Tre you think Dangello Russell and Kelly Oubre are actually good players, so anything you say about basketball is practically invalid. And let my nigga Jeremy speak, damn.

  5. It also depends on the era. For example: People say the 80s and 90s would be too tough for the warriors. They said the Jordan rules could lock down the warriors, the jordan rules would not work against the warriors because doubling wouldn't work against the warriors, the jordan rules were meant to stop one player not a team.
    HOWEVER, the Bulls in the 90s could beat the warriors, the warriors do not play well against physical play, especially if fouls are not called.
    But in the present era the Bulls would not stand a chance, their game is too built off of physicality and none of the bulls defenders could lock anyone down if they don't hand check or foul.


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