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WHY We Aren’t Starting a Gaming Channel…



  1. #IncomingRant Realistically speaking, KG doesn't even attract the viewer demographic that Tre is referring to. With that said, how are some of these people that don't know what it is they're clicking on still slipping through the cracks? He and Jeremy shouldn't have to keep making these types of videos every six months. Stuff like that tends to ruin someone's creative interest. (i.e. no more 1-on-1 W/J. Jones, Squadcast, and we STILL don't know if Tre still has 2 unicorns in the back of a trunk or not) Simply put, you can't be here to support the engine if you intend to stall it. Period. #ImDoneNow

  2. Yo I started watching you guys because of your Performance Tests and QnAs but I've loved almost every new thing y'all have added.

    The NBA reaction videos are probably the videos I most look forward to nowadays. Also the For The Love Of The Game series

    The point is if I don't like a new segment on this channel y'all offer so much other shit that I don't have to watch it if I don't want to.

    Continue to do whatever you feel like doing if people can't appreciate that then that's on them


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