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Allen Iverson Vs Kyrie Irving



  1. Nobody plays defense in the NBA today. Allen Iverson played players who actually played defense. You got a 6 foot guard going up against 6'9 7'0 foot tall centers. Iverson is a GOAT. Kyrie got handled too. So does Jamal Crawford

  2. Westbrook is not better than Allen Iverson Westbrook couldn’t take his team to the NBA Finals let alone the Western conference finals and AI is a Far better scorer than Kyrie and Westbrook he brings more to the court than both those Guys Westbrook has better athleticism that’s it! And he can average a triple double but AI wins More AI is a Far better scorer than Kyrie

  3. The first question.. They added Harden but not Curry on there??? Wow Curry has the Nash+Crawford handles with the layup package and the lil pump fake then change of speed… Kyrie and Curry should've been the only debate


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