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14 Celebrity Sneaker Heads (Part 2)

14 Celebrity Sneaker Heads (Part 2)


Most sneakerheads are just average people, walking the Earth, just like you and me…and then there are celebrity sneakerheads.  Imagine that you have the connections and enough cash to get your hands on every sneaker release that you want?  This is what dreams are made of.  Here are a few celebrity sneakerheads.  Some you may already know are major players in the world of sneakers, and some may surprise you.

If you missed part 1, click here to check out what celebrities made the list.

DJ Khaled

dj-khaled-1 dj-khaled

John Mayer

john-mayer-2 john-mayer

Jerry Ferrara

jerry-ferrara jerry-ferrara-2

Kid Cudi

kid-cudi-2   kid-cudi

DJ Clark Kent

dj-clark-kent-2 dj-clark-kent

Fat Joe

fat-joe-2 fat-joe

Chi McBride

chi-mcbride-2 chi-mcbride



Your favorite sneakerhead didn’t make the list?  Let us know.


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